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Send Review Requests

1. Click 'Dashboard', then 'Funnel' to update any landing page settings under the tabs 'Links', 'Content' and 'Settings'.

2. Next, click 'Dashboard', then 'Review Requests' then 'Email' to update any of three emails in the sequence.

3. If needed, update the Mail Settings if you want to change the sender name and email that your customers will see when they receive the review request emails.

4. Click on 'Client & Staff Forms' to find the link where you will add your customer's first name and email. Click 'Access Credentials' to update the username and password to access upload form link.

Add Email Signature Widget

1. Click Dashboard, then Widgets.

2. Under the Email Signature Snippets section, click the 'Copy to Clipboard' button once (either small or large size).

3.  Go to your email signature settings in your inbox and click paste to insert the widget code.

4. Save your email signature settings and send a test email address to confirm you installed it correctly.

Website Stream & Social Media

1. Click 'Dashboard', then 'Reviews', then 'Review Stream'.

2. Make sure 'Show reviews' is ticked and select number of review to display then click 'Update Embed Code'.

3. Copy and paste the HTML code onto the page on your website and save the page for it to automatically populate your latest 5-star reviews.

Run Review Reports

1. Click 'Dashboard', then 'Reviews', then 'Reporting'.

2. Set the date range to see the data and analytics specific to that time period.

3. To generate a download PDF report, click 'Generate a Report' and set the date range.

4. To schedule a monthly PDF report, click 'Schedule a Report' then adjust the settings and click 'Update Settings'.

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