Review Forms - Automate the Task of Asking for Reviews

Generate Real Reviews From Your Customers, Clients or Patients!

• Automatically ask, remind and guide customers, clients or patients to write a 5-star review!

• Intercept anyone who is unhappy before they bad-mouth your business online!

•Stream your new 5-star reviews automatically to your website & social media accounts!

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Never worry about your customers not leaving you any online reviews about your business again! We take the work out of asking, reminding and guiding your customers to leave a review so you can accomplish more.

Review Forms Explained In 3 Simple Steps

Review Forms is smart software that allows businesses to completely automate their review request outreach.

Integrate Google, Facebook and other review sites in seconds. Let Review Forms handle the outreach and reminders!

Step 1. Add Customers To Software

Our software will immediately send an email on your behalf requesting them to rate their experience.

If no action is taken, the software will automatically send a follow-up email after three days and then a final follow-up after another four days if needed.

Step 2. Thumbs Up - Review Site Buttons Shown

Our thumbs up/thumbs down process makes sure only positive reviews make it online!

 If the customer clicks thumbs up, your review site buttons are shown, which takes them to the exact place to write a review about your business on that site.

Step 3. Thumbs Down - Feedback Form Shown

If the customer clicks thumbs down, a feedback form appears, which is sent directly to your inbox, not any of the review sites.

This means you can intercept unhappy customers before they bad-mouth your business online!

Stream 5-Star Reviews to Your Website

Review Forms will collect all of your reviews in one place and let you automatically share the best ones to your website via a simple copy/paste embed code.

Automatically display 4- and 5-star reviews of your business to prospective customers and increase conversions.

Selectively show/hide and edit review snippets so that you’re always in control of the content you publish.

Your website visitors can click 'View review' link on each review, which opens a new window for them to see the review on the corresponding site where it was posted.

Trusted By Businesses Across Australia & USA

Review Forms can be used by any business, no matter the size, industry or location!

Glennys Poole

Altec the Spacemakers

Marketing & Administration Manager

Before we started using Reviews Forms, Altec had a 2.7 Google rating from 27 reviews. Now we have a 4.3 Google rating from over 125 reviews and we couldn't be happier!

Greg Jackson

MetroCity Realty 


Review Forms has helped us skyrocket to more than 240 Google reviews with a 4.5 rating! We love the daily email alerts to see how many new reviews we've received.

Dave Hardman

Ray White Capalaba


We now have more than 140 Google reviews with a 4.9 rating thanks to Review Forms! We love how the software sends the automated follow-up emails to get such amazing response rates.

Dion Besser

Besser & Co. Estate Agents


I'd recommend Review Forms to anyone who is looking to boost their online ratings with genuine reviews. The software automates the entire process so it's easy for not only our agency, but our clients as well.

Who is Review Forms?

We’re a group of developers and marketers working together to streamline the process of asking, reminding and guiding your customers to leave a review... plus loads of other cool features. It helps that we have awesome clients and listen to their needs and develop, so they don’t have to.

Brenton Garen


Frank Garen


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the introductory pricing work?

After you signup, you can access all Review Forms features for 30 days as part of the introductory month. We want to make sure that you are completely satisfied with Review Forms.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes. Review Forms is a month-to-month subscription software and you can can cancel at any time. Click on "My Account" in the main menu and then click "Billing Login" to cancel your plan or to update your payment method. Please note each business location is only permitted to one introductory pricing month (so don't get any ideas about trying to get an infinite number of introductory trials as each account is set-up manually by our team!). 

Which review sites can I integrate?

We can integrate 99% of online review sites, major or niche, as long as there's a specific form that we can direct your customers to.

How many review requests can I send at a time?

Our default setting is 200 recipients at a time, but a request to increase this limit can be submitted if you are a high-volume business. We suggest adding about 10-50 new customers at a time so the number of new reviews looks natural, opposed to having a big influx of new reviews and then none.

How does the review monitoring work?

Our Review Forms software will scan your online profiles once a day and send you a daily report of all new reviews from the past 24 hours.

Who does the review request come from?

Our platform will send all of the emails on your behalf, but you can change the sender name and sender email address that the customers sees when they receive the email.

Can I update the review request email templates?

Yes! Your account will be created with custom email templates for your business, but you are welcome to tweak the email body, email signature and subject lines.

How do the follow-up emails work?

A customer is unsubscribed if they click through all the way to the review site platform like Google or Facebook. If the customer clicks thumbs down and submits a feedback form, this will automatically unsubscribe them from receiving any further requests.

Can I change the follow-up email settings?

Yes! The default setting sends the second email after three days and the third email after another four days. The first email is sent immediately - you can set the times the follow up emails are sent. You can also exclude weekends from the sending calendar.

What countries do you operate in?

Our software is currently offered in Australia and the USA, but we will be expanding to more countries in late 2020.

I have more questions, who can I talk to?

For further questions, email

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