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5 Steps To Earn Genuine 5-Star Reviews

(While Stopping Bad Reviews In Their Tracks)

1. Quick & Easy Review Requests

Upload your customer's name, email and/or phone number (either one-at-a-time or upload an Excel file).

2. Your Customers Receive an Email & Text Message

Two convenient options for your customers means more reviews.

Example text message:

Example email:

3. Customers Confirm Their Positive Experience

Take the guess work out of figuring out who is likely to leave you a positive review.

4. "Positive" Customers Quickly Review You

If your customer clicks Thumbs Up, all the review button sites are displayed.

When your customer clicks on any of the review site buttons, we direct them to the exact place to leave their positive review.

5. "Negative" Customers Vent Offline

If the customer clicks Thumbs Down, a feedback form appears, which is sent directly to your inbox, not any of the review sites.

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